As some of you know, the lovely Donita Dyer and I have been known to enjoy a glass of Rosé wine from time to time. We have been filming impromptu videos with each other for four years now! We keep it light, easy, casual and almost always fun. We are on a mission to get the world to #drinkpink.

We have been joined on screen by some pretty outstanding people in the wine world such as: Glynis Hill, Joshua Decolongon, Leeann Froese, Julia Coney, Jason Stubblefield and Chris Kern. And, occasionally, my daughter Mackenzie steals the show.

I will be posting one of our latest or archived videos from The Pink Tank once a month for your viewing pleasure…just a bit of fun. If you like what you see, we would love you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Here is our first ever video featuring Stoneboat ‘Faux Pas’ Rosé from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

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