Sample Policy + Wine Ratings + Videos

I love wine and want everyone to share my passion for the good stuff.

To that end, I have decided to offer wine scores for the wine industry – at no cost.

My wine reviews and posts will continue as usual. I will not post wine scores on my website unless you have expressed a desire for me to do so. I will provide wine scores alongside a short tasting note for your marketing and promotions.

Should you wish to use my wine ratings for any marketing material, you may do so as long as the score and my notes are unchanged and unaltered. Please acknowledge me as Christine Campbell, FWS

Tastings are completed entirely on my own in a calm, professional environment. My over four years of wine judging experience with the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London, England, has further developed my tasting and judging skills, as did living abroad in the Champagne region of France for 15 months.

Should you with to have your wines scored or reviewed, please email me directly at

I rate wines out of 100 and use a judging platform that I have perfected over the past ten years. All wines start with a base of 50 points with added categories of: taste, aroma, length, colour, clarity, typicity and overall quality adding to the total.

I will provide wine ratings for any wine that reaches a minimum of 86 Points.

  • 86 – 89 GOOD – An easy-going, value-friendly casual table wine.
  • 90 – 92 VERY GOOD – Well-crafted and wonderful tasting – something to share and enjoy.
  • 93 – 95 Excellent – Damn delicious and complex – beautiful balance and expression. A wine to spend time with.
  • 96 + Exceptional – A top-quality wine that exceeds all expectations. Collect and covet.

You may also wish to provide wine that will be considered as a feature wine on two of my video podcast channels that feature weekly wine reviews and content.

The Pink Tank – Rosé only reviews with Donita Dyer – fun, easy-going and playful. We are on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Crush On This – Wine conversations with Cindy Rynning ( Chicago, IL ) and Allison Levine ( Los Angeles, CA ) – wines from around the world are discussed and wine regions explored as we each feature one wine per episode. We are on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I also go ‘Live’ on Facebook and Instagram with my GirlsGoGrape accounts.

I look forward to hearing from you.