Hello and happy wine Wednesday to you!

I trust you are keeping well and continuing to look out for new and exciting wines.

This past weekend, I was treated to a delightful new surprise that I wanted to share with you…

My friend and fellow blogger, Donita Dyer, had me and my little family over for a nice visit and brunch on Saturday.  We brought over some paté and cheese and Donita had some yummy pastries and fruit for us.  She also surprised us with a bottle of Innocent Bystander‘s Moscato from Victoria, Australia.


Generally, I am not a fan of Moscato – I find it too sweet and cloying.  And, truth be told, my earlier introductions to this wine style have been so bad that I have avoided it whenever possible.  Happily, I have found an example that I quickly fell for and am here to say that I am a believer in this bubbly, flirty and fun wine.

Made with Gordo and Black Muscat (Muscat of Hamburg), this pretty wine is only 5.5% alcohol so an excellent choice for brunch.  The flavour profile is made up of notes of strawberry Turkish delight, cranberry and watermelon.  How adorable is that?  There is a nice, lingering cherry flavour on the finish with a nice kick of acidity that balances the sweetness so that it is refreshing and delicious not syrupy and cloying…YAY!

Seriously, if you have been planning a brunch or lunch and trying to figure out what wine to serve, give this a go – you will be amazed by how food friendly it is.  It went well with everything on the table and is a lovely shade of pink that whispered to me the promise of springtime just around the corner…sigh.

I was thrilled to try something new and had a chance to drink two grape varieties I hadn’t tried before.  It retails for $18.99 and is pretty enough to be your centrepiece.

Looks like 2016 is off to a fantastic start!  Next week, stay tuned for another great value red!