Hello wine lovers and happy wine Wednesday to you!  I do hope you are keeping healthy and dodging the cold and flu season – it is a doozy!

As I hinted at last week, I have for you another value priced red wine.  This time, it is an IGP wine from the region of Puglia, Italy.  Luccarelli‘s Negroamaro is a fantastic find for $12.99 in the B.C. liquor stores. Negroamaro, the grape variety, hails from the southern tip of Italy and flourishes well in the intense heat and is mostly drought resistant.



In the glass, the wine is a deep ruby red with hues of violet.  True to its’ rustic charm, on the nose there are aromas of ripe cherry, cured meat, sweet berry fruits with a whiff of dusty herbs and baking spice.  Nice and juicy on the palate,  this wine displays gently grippy tannins with flavours of blackberry, blueberry, black cherry, cassis and nutmeg – a great line up!

Luccarelli’s Negroamaro is a food friendly wine with good, juicy acidity.  It will pair nicely with tomato based dishes, stews and pasta sauces.  I am a fan of the Negroamaro grape and I think others are catching on.  It has surprising balance for a wine value priced wine with good depth of flavour.  It is fruity and earthy in all of its’ rustic charm.

That is it for me this week!  I hope to continue my search for some great bargains for you in the weeks to come.