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I like any reason to celebrate. And, if a celebration features wine, well, I am all in!

Today is Malbec World Day or ‘Dia Mundial del Malbec’. It is celebrated each year on April 17 to observe the day the first agronomy school was founded in Argentina – April 17, 1853. It also happens to be the same year Argentina’s then president, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, asked a French soil expert, Michel Aimé Pouget, to bring new grape vines to his country. Malbec was one of the varieties selected and has undoubtedly become Argentina’s shining star.

Malbec is one of the six grape varieties allowed in red Bordeaux wine blends. The Cahors region of France is Malbec’s birthplace. Currently, there are approximately 6,000 hectares of Malbec planted in France. With over 40,000 hectares planted across Argentina, it is no doubt where the Malbec grape flourishes.

Malbec is characterized by its deep colour, intense fruity flavours and velvety texture. Flavours can include blackberry, cocoa, plum, vanilla, and tobacco. Malbec wines can range from easy-going to incredibly complex and structured.

Below are a few Malbec wines to search for in your neighbourhood liquor stores. Wines range between $17.99 and $25.99, all with my stamp of approval! Thank you to the Wines of Argentina.

I invite you to pour yourself a glass of Malbec and toast Malbec World Day with me today.