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Happy Saturday! I, along with my other beautiful Canadians, celebrate the unofficial start to summer with our May long weekend in honour of Queen Victoria. Did you know that Victoria Day is only celebrated in Canada and Scotland? Interesting. Anyhoo, for many of us, this means heading outdoors for the first ‘good’ camping trip, getting out to the beach, going to a lake, etc.

For me, it is an opportunity to meet up with friends over a glass or two of bubbles. And, I don’t mean champagne in this instance, rather an affordable, sparkling wine that is synonymous with friendship and laughter.

Like still wine, sparkling wine comes in many forms and expressions and, luckily for us, they can be affordably priced. The sparkling wine category continues to grow based on affordability and easier access to being able to ‘pop’ a cork. Wine regions around the globe are concentrating efforts into crafting sparkling wines that are not only tasty, but accessible to a wider demographic.

In our latest episode, Cindy, Allison and I explore some affordable sparkling wine options for you and suggest a few reasons to give sparkling wine a try.

Happy ‘May Long’ to my Canadian and Scottish readers and happy weekend to everyone else!