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Happy Saturday.

Is it just me, or do weekends seem oddly different now? I have started to feel a bit adrift, I cannot lie. With no anticipation that friends are coming over for dinner and not getting to visit with family, it just seems a bit much. It is not a fun feeling, and I know that many of us are riding our own waves.

So, to keep my spirits bolstered when the sun isn’t shining, I pour over wine travel websites and dream about a time when travel is an option again. I also reflect on cherished travel memories and think about the fantastic people I have met throughout my journeys.

In 2009, we spent two weeks in the south of France and toured around the Provence region. I distinctly remember the scent of the air – ‘garrigue.’

I invite you to read my “Wine Geek” article published in Vitis magazine and learn a few facts on the history of the word ‘garrigue.’ There are also a few wines to look out for should you be in the mood to investigate on your own.