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If you don’t know by now, I am a huge music fan. I think it all started when my family was all in the car together and The Eagles Greatest Hits 1971 – 1975 was on a constant loop in our Chrysler Cordoba 8 track cassette tape. We would sing along to every song and it is one of my favourite childhood memories.

Flash-forward to today – we have a 10 year old daughter – and music is a constant part of our life. I couldn’t be happier. David and my musical tastes are not identical which is fantastic because Mackenzie has more genres to draw inspiration from. Yay.

My all-time favourite band is Canada’s The Tragically Hip. I have been to many of their concerts, I have met Gordon Downie in person on one fateful evening at a bar in downtown Vancouver, saw the first concert of their Farewell Tour in Victoria, B.C. and I have band ‘swag’ all over my house. Yes, I love The Tragically Hip.

The cool thing about wine and music pairing as a theme is that it is entirely up to personal interpretation and there are no wrong answers.

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Who is your favourite band and what wine would you pair with it? I’d love to know.