We have arrived safely in Champagne and are living for the next 14 months in a little village called Chavot-Courcourt, located about 8 KM south of Épernay…


Our home feels more like a Swiss chalet than a traditional house in France but I love that about it.  It is a very modern, open concept home with loads of outside space and a view of lush vineyard land as it stretches across the valley and down the gently sloping hills.

Dave ran into quite the situation last week when he set off for Paris.  He had to travel via Toronto on Air Canada due to animal policies and two dogs to one person. No biggy. However, he and the dogs were taken off the plane in Toronto en route to Paris due to an air conditioning issue in the baggage area of the plane where the dogs would be. Thank you Air Canada for keeping our dogs safe. Thank you.

So, they flew the three of them to Lisbon as to get as close to Paris as possible (?) and into an EU country with the same dog laws (if they went to the UK – it would be up to a 6 month quarantine for the dogs – no thank you).  They all arrived safely in Lisbon and then the issues began with the next leg to Paris.  Long story short (and an even longer letter to Air Canada customer care that is currently being crafted) Dave drove the dogs to our home in a rental car and will need to take another two days to drive it back and return it.  ACK.  I don’t know how he maintained his grace under pressure but he did and he is my hero.  And, he still hasn’t received his luggage.

Yesterday, Mackenzie and I landed with no issue on our direct flight from Vancouver and we were greeted by Dave at the airport and we were all reunited about an hour and a half later when we pulled into our new home.  The dogs went crazy and they look exceptionally well (yay!).

Our home is at the end of a ‘road’ and we look over a forested area out the back and over vineyard land out the front and sides.  Tranquillity reigns supreme here with birds chirping, owls gently hooting and the sound of the wind rustling the branches.  We toasted our new life with a glass of champagne and a trip to the Épernay market.

Today, we plan on checking out Mackenzie’s new school, setting up a bank account and looking at purchasing or leasing a car for the duration of our stay.

Thank you for following our adventure – I will be writing far more frequently.