Hello all…

I apologize for being incredibly illusive lately – our impending move to France has entirely taken over my brain.

I have yet to share what a phenomenal time I had at the inaugural Wine Writers Educational Tour featuring Napa Valley.  Don’t worry – I will write about my highlights in the coming weeks.

We board a plane in 18 days.  We are nervous, excited, overwhelmed and, quite honestly, wondering what the heck we are getting ourselves into.  It will be an adventure, for sure, and I know some of my favourite people have already booked their flight or are awaiting my Google calendar for availability.

It is my intention to write much more frequently while in France and I have book/manuscript ideas floating around in my head thanks to some great brainstorming with one of my writing heroes, Marcy Gordon (thank you).

OK, that is all I have time for today – off to deal with banking, year end teacher gifts, oil changes and taking M to her hip hop lesson.