Happy Wednesday to you!  I hope you are keeping amazing as usual…

On Saturday, April 8th, I headed down to Everything Wine in North Vancouver to take in the #MalbecWorldDay promotional tasting.  Malbec is a native grape of France, specifically Cahors, but most consumers associate with Argentina – for good reason. Argentina has the most vineyard area of Malbec planted than anywhere else in the world – currently, there are 25,000 hectares followed by Chile with 6,000 hectares.


The three Malbecs pictured above were my purchases – each bottle was under $20.  I enjoyed all three selections but my favourite was Bodega Kaiken Reserva Especial Mendoza, Argentina 2015.

In the glass, the wine is a medium ruby colour with flecks of violet.  On the nose, there are aromas of blueberry, raspberry, plum, crushed black pepper, vanilla and a hint of mocha – an amazing bouquet.  On the palate, the mocha and vanilla notes are delightful and flirty – not overpowering in any way so the fruit notes still shine through.  This is a bright wine with a good amount of acidity and soft, silky tannins.  Very good.

I hope you have a wonderful day!