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Hello and happy 2017 to you!  My New Year’s Eve was nothing short of fantastic as I got to put my stunning new sabre to use.

My thoughtful husband gave me a MENU champagne sabre, designed by Karim Rashid, for Christmas this year. I loved this polished piece of stainless steel the minute I saw it – so pure and clean in its design.  The day only got better when I put it to the test and confidently sabered a bottle of Cava that afternoon.


Karim Rashid is an uber talented and sought after Canadian industrial designer who is known for wearing only white or pink at any given time – fun. My sabre does not look like a Napoleonic sword, no – it is a piece of contemporary art. Rashid’s design reminds me of a stylized hockey stick blade. It is firm and comfortable to hold and I was confident the minute I placed it in my hand. There are no sharp edges to this sabre – it is stunning in its simplicity.

If I am being truly honest, however, the first ‘official’ use of my new sabre was going to be with a champagne bottle.  So, I counted down the days until December 31st and put two bottles of glorious champagne in the fridge first thing in the morning – Delamotte NV Brut and Pierre Paillard ‘Les Parcelles’ NV Extra Brut – and waited until showtime.

Watch by sabering in action – first bottle (Delamotte Brust NV) and second bottle (Pierre Paillard ‘Les Parcelles’ Extra Brut) taken on December 31, 2016 – by Erik Hougaard.

MENU champagne sabre can be found at Atkinson’s in Vancouver, B.C and retails for about $250 before tax.