To begin – a thank you to all of you who have taken an interest into my fledgling blog!  I really appreciate the encouragement and enthusiasm and comments!

Yesterday, I took my husband and daughter shopping with me to the local B.C. liquor store to pick up a few selections for my ‘research’.

The B.C. Liquor Board produces a great publication called “Taste” – it is a beautiful magazine on food and wine.   I figured this was a great starting point for some new discoveries as I have been known to be a B.C. focused wine drinker.  I am a HUGE fan of B.C. wine and I will no doubt post many entries on some of my favourites.

However, this blog is a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and explore new regions, new wine varieties and wine making methods.  So – the next four wine entries will have an international flavour instead of one close to home.

My first selection is a Spanish wine.  Campo Viejo Rioja 2008 $16.99

 This is an amazing find in this price point.  Rioja wine is made with the tempranillo grape.  This specific wine has a blend of rioja, grenache and mazuelo grapes and it made for a beautiful cherry red colour.  It has a pronounced aroma and it tastes like black cherry, red strawberry with a hint of sweet vanilla and spice.  This rioja wine was very easy to drink.  Its’ medium body would pair nicely with a tapas themed meal or something nice and light as the wine is not overpowering in any way – even a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch of meat and cheese sandwiches and soup would work well!  ( This is what I had and it was amazing:  Portuguese buns, mortadella, aged cheddar and tomato sandwiches with a carrot and orange soup.)

I would buy this wine again in a heart beat.  This falls into my “Hell Yes!” category – especially at this price point!  Wow – I am really quite pleasantly surprised by this wine.   I think it is a great example of what a Spanish rioja should taste like and I have no problem recommending it to bring along to an easy, casual dinner party with friends.

Would love to know your feedback on this wine when you try it!