Thank you for taking time to read my new blog. I have to give a shout out to my husband David who suggested the idea to me.

At the ripe age of 19, I was legally allowed to drink.  I live in British Columbia and 19 seemed like a long way away.  My first real introduction to wine was not too long after my 19th birthday as my Mom had purchased a bottle of Lindeman’s Bin 65Chardonnay.  It felt like heaven in my mouth.  I didn’t know anything about palate, the makings of a ‘good’ wine, why wine was different than beer or cider (beverages I sampled before my 19th birthday) and most importantly why I loved it.

There began my love affair with wine and since then – it is my chosen beverage to share with friends and loved ones.  There is something about wine than encourages people to come together and enjoy.  I firmly believe that this is a life that is meant to be enjoyed and I believe that wine makes living better.  I do not mean drink a bottle a day – but a glass of wine with dinner – to me – is a part of appreciating the fact that I am alive.

My hope for this blog is that I can inspire a few of you to enjoy a new wine or educate you on some wine knowledge that you do not already know.  I tend to keep my price point between $16 and $30 CDN.  I may blog about more affordable wines or more expensive wines but really this seems to be my buying range habit.

Thanks again for reading.  I will talk about a new bottle of wine each week and will provide some tasting notes as well as my overall impression of the wine….my categories will be “Hell Yes!” “If you are in the Mood” or “Strongly dislike.”

Have a great day – and please remember to enjoy this life we have been given.