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Harvest (vendage) is underway in the Champagne region…trucks line the vineyards and grape pickers can be seen dotting every hillside.

Living in the small village of Chavot-Courcourt has afforded us some incredible luxuries – namely, getting to know our neighbours (voisins) who happen to be grape growers, champagne makers and, in many cases, 5th and 6th generation Champenois.


Champagne Lebeau-Batiste is one such neighbour – they live just down the road from us and are incredibly friendly people who have welcomed us into their home and, this past Friday evening, invited us down to their winery for a tour and a tasting.


Eric Lebeau and Anne-Marie Batiste opened their beautiful winery in 2012 in the village of Chavot-Courcourt but have been in business together for about 30 years.  During the tour of the winery, Lebeau stated, “Anne-Marie and I invested in the best equipment with all the safety measures so that we can sleep soundly at night.”  The couples’ son, Florent, is the Chef du Cave (winemaker). 

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After the tour of the winery, Lebeau took us out to one of his vineyard plots and introduced us to the ‘Countess’ – the first vineyard he was given by his father in 1970.  Grown exclusively with Chardonnay, Lebeau took great satisfaction in telling us stories of the ‘Countess’ and how she is his favourite vineyard.  He cares so much for this that he farms all of his vineyards sustainably, “The process is long to convert vineyards to sustainable and biodynamic practices but it is worth it – we want this vineyard to be healthy for future generations.” Champagne Lebeau-Batiste wines are certified ‘HVE’ – High Environmental Value for biodiversity and respect to nature.


Lebeau-Batiste have 5.70 hectares of vineyard land comprised of 1.70 Chardonnay, 0.40 Pinot Noir and 3.60 Pinot Meunier.  We went back to the winery for a tasting and some great story-telling.

  • Champagne Lebeau-Batiste Brut Rosé – beautiful bright salmon hues with aromas and flavours of  fresh raspberry, red cherry, cranberry and wild field berries – delicious.  Made with 100% Pinot Noir, quite possibly my favourite Rosé champagne I have tasted here and completely up my alley with only 7 g/l RS.
  • Champagne Lebeau-Batiste Blanc de Blancs ‘Grande Réserve’ – seductive and elegant, this 100% Chardonnay champagne, again with 7 g/l RS, is balanced and incredible tasting.  With delicate floral notes, hints of brioche, and a finessed finish of citrus and pear, I was in Chardonnay heaven.  

Should you find yourself in and around the Épernay region of Champagne and wanting to try some outstanding environmentally farmed champagne, please reach out and contact Champagne Lebeau-Batiste.

À bientôt!