Hello all!  It has been two weeks since my last post so I want to fill you in on what I have been up too…

Quite succinctly – Scotland.  This trip had been in the works for a year and when I boarded the plane, it finally became a reality.  My sister, Jessica, brother-in-law, Stephen, my Mom and I headed to Edinburgh for the Liston family first ever reunion.  Here I met phenomenal people that I have the honour of being related too.

We hiked and drank and walked and laughed and told stories…absolutely perfect.  There were so many highlights, I am finding it hard to narrow them down for this post.  So, in no specific order, here are some ( but absolutely not all ) highlights of my trip:

  1. Meeting my Liston family relatives – all but Elspeth – for the first time.
  2. Climbing Arthur’s Seat with Willy, Caroline, Candy and Nikki and toasting the Liston family at the top.  Exhilarating.
  3. Accompanying my Mom when she knocked on the door of her childhood home to have the door open up and be welcomed in by the lovely Helen McRae.  Priceless.
  4. Visiting Glencoe and seeing the Scotting Highlands for the first time – an incredible and atmospheric experience.
  5. Visiting the Celts exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland.  It was a spectacular display, both visually and historically, and I came away with a greater sense of understanding and clarity.
  6. Listening to the bagpipes as often as I could…the music really makes me smile.
  7. Talking about Scotch Whiskey for the first time, learning about it and purchasing my first bottle that was enjoyed by all four of us in the flat. Tomintoul 16 Year…outstanding, gentle and delicious.  I am now, formally, a Scotch drinker!
  8. Walking through the streets of Edinburgh and feeling a sense of connection and belonging.
  9. Watching Jessica’s jaw drop when she saw the silhouette of Edinburgh Castle for the first time.  Beautiful.
  10. Bringing home gifts for Mackenzie and Dave that they both love!



Just a collection of a few fun shots of the trip for you.  I came away from Scotland refreshed and inspired and yes, you guessed it, Dave, Mackenzie and I are planning our return – soon!