Lodi AVA is known for their Zinfandel.  So, when it came time for our annual ‘Speed Blogging’ session at the Wine Bloggers Conference, I had a distinct feeling that I was going to be tasting a lot of Zin.  I was pleasantly surprised by the Zinfandel poured into my glass and the other quality reds that came to table number 1.

The Reds:

Oak Ridge Winery – poured two wines:

OZV Red Blend made up of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Sirah, and Merlot. Smooth, interesting, great value, not overly complex. $12

Moss Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel. Average vine is 105 years old.  Juicy fruit. Luscious. Velvet. $22

Ehler’s Estate 1886 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013. Napa Valley. 100% Organic. All estate fruit. Nice green note in the profile along with cedar and raspberries and blackberry. Layered. Balanced. Integrated tannins. $110

Troon Vineyard Malbec 2014. Applegate Valley, Oregon.  Natural ferment. No new oak 3 – 4-year-old barrels for 18 months. Bright and fresh. Making me salivate. A great Malbec. $29

Naked Winery Hood River, Oregon.  Poured three wines – great energy but I wanted more time with these wines…

Oh! Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon 2014  Yum. Zippy. Nice depth. $80

Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo 2014. Spicy. Flirty. Tastes like another glass. $80

Oh! Orgasmic Nebbiolo 2013. Interesting. Earthy. Nice colour. Good fruit. Dried cherry. $90

The Federalist Zinfandel 2014. Lodi, CA. Started in 2007. Soft. Easy. Mocha notes. $17.76

Windrun Pinot Noir 2013. Santa Rita Hills. Funky nose. Good acid. Nice palate. Not balanced enough for me. $30



Corner 103 Zinfandel 2012. Sonoma County, CA. Balanced. Lush, dark berry fruit. Mocha notes. Very good. $50

PRIE Winery Reserve Zinfandel 2012. Lodi, CA. Vines planted in 1916 – vines are 100 years old. Plenty of ripe black cherry on the palate. $31

Trione Vineyards ‘Henry’s Blend’ 2012. Alexander Valley, CA. Family owned. I like the family vibe. Have 750 acres. Have been vintners for 46 years. Blend of 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Merlot, 13% Petit Verdot, 13% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec. Use 1/2 new and 1/2 neutral 1 – 21/2 year oak barrels. Beautiful. $56



Jess from Trione Winery pouring Henry’s Blend – what a great smile!


Peirano Estate Vineyards ‘The Immortal’ Old Vine Zinfandel. Lodi, CA. Spicy. Grippy. Bright. $13.99

14 wines in 50 minutes – I survived.  My two favourites are Trione ‘Henry’s Blend’ and Naked Winery ‘Oh Orgasmic’ Tempranillo.

More to come on my WBC16 adventure next week!