Hello wine lovers and happy wine Wednesday!  I truly hope that November is treating  you well so far!  November is a special month for me.  My husband and best friend, David, celebrates his birthday this month – I am a lucky lady – he is a great man full of integrity and love.  I also have a few dear friends who celebrate their birthdays this month tool!  It is a great month to focus on how the seasons change and bring new beauty to our lives.  Thank you November!

And in this theme of thankfulness, I am humbled and thankful when I get to meet fantastic winemakers, drink wine from around the world and connect with people through my blog who all share one very wonderful thing in common – wine.  It is a topic that I love talking about ( like you didn’t figure that one out! ) and even more – I enjoy hearing about other people’s experiences and favourite wines…

While I was up in the Okanagan at the Wine Festival – I had a fantastic time interviewing and chatting with Severine Pinte-Kosaka who is the winemaker at Le Vieux Pin.  I purchased a bottle of 2011 Syrah ‘Cuvée Violette’ and it is on the review deck today.


In the glass, this special Syrah is a medium to deep purple colour with aromas of black currant, black cherry, vanilla, some black pepper and a hint of violet flower.  This Syrah is meant to be enjoyed now but can age up to 5 years.

On the palate, this Syrah ‘Cuvée Violette’ is dry with a nice medium acidity, medium plus tannin and medium levels of alcohol at 12.9% abv. This wine tastes like satin in the mouth with a medium plus level of flavour intensity with flavours mirroring those on the palate.  Pinte-Kosaka’s 2011 Syrah ‘Cuvée Violette’ really stole my heart.  There is a softness to the wine that amplifies its elegance…truly a knock-out!  This ‘Rhone’ styled wine is a Girls Go Grape absolute “Hell Yes”.

There is only one unfortunate bit of info on this review and that is that it is sold out!  It retails for $29.00 on the winery website but there is a little “Sold Out’ sign over the label.  Upon further digging, you can purchase a 6 bottle gift box signed by Pinte-Kosaka for $259 that includes one bottle of this Syrah ‘Cuvée Violette’ as well as 5 other outstanding bottles.  What a phenomenal gift idea for the wine lover in your life or YOU!

  • A GGG “Hell Yes” for taste and elegance.
  • $29 isn’t a lot of money for a lovely bottle of wine.
  • Wish there was more of it to be had!

Thank you for the read, as always!  I hope your Wednesday includes a nice glass of wine this evening!